Life is full of surprises. Trust the process.

ending and beginning

A couple of weeks ago, I was a person who had 1 hot pink umbrella with 2 broken ribs. Over a period of 5 days, I became a person who has 1 cheap, but long-lasting black umbrella, 1 cheap short-poled black umbrella, 1 heavy duty blue umbrella with a wooden handle and a corporate logo, and 1 hot pink umbrella with 3 broken ribs. 

About a month before this transformation occurred, I began thinking about where I would dispose the hot pink umbrella when the time arrives. (She had one broken rib at the time.) I can't just ditch her in any garbage can. I won't just toss her out with my kitchen garbage, as I have many times with others.

Now that I have more umbrellas than I need, it might be time to let her go. She is broken, although still functional -- she provides more coverage than the cheap short-poled black umbrella. She puts me in a happier mood than the cheap, but long lasting black umbrella. He's so boring and everywhere. He's the umbrella you have because you didn't have your umbrella that day when it started raining, but at least you know what you are getting. The heavy duty umbrella with a corporate logo is super nice. He can withstand 50 mph winds and has an ergonomic wooden handle! Highest quality umbrella I have ever had, but I can't do midnight blue or corporate logo for my go-to. It's just not part of my costume, unless the alternative is getting soaked. 

My quest to find a magical green spot for broken, battered, hot pink umbrella began this morning at Brooklyn Bridge Park. We still have spots to hit, rain or shine, before we part. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park. July 19, 2016.

Brooklyn Bridge Park. July 19, 2016.