Studio Classes @ Centered City Yoga

It’s been fun designing promo bits for my classes. Combines my passion for photography and design with my passion for yoga and teaching. Again, not going to win any design awards, but it’s great for nourishing my need to be creative. Join me for a class on Tuesdays! 11am/12pm/7:15pm All three classes are totally different. Restore is very slow and mellow, Express is a 45-minute mix of Core strengthening and some Restorative, and Move Breathe Meditate combines guided meditation and breath work with asana. It’s mellow, but there is still core work. You can still break a sweat if you want!

Tuesdays, 11am Restore Class @ Centered City Yoga

Tuesdays, 11am Restore Class @ Centered City Yoga

Tuesdays, 12pm Express Class @ Centered City Yoga

Tuesdays, 12pm Express Class @ Centered City Yoga

Tuesdays, 7:15pm Move. Breathe. Meditate. @ Centered City Yoga

Tuesdays, 7:15pm Move. Breathe. Meditate. @ Centered City Yoga

Silver Lining

The other day an older gentleman was in one of my classes. He arrived early, so we had some time to chat. I asked him how his morning was going. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he wasn’t very convincing that he was having a pleasant morning even though his words said it had been. He then asked me about mine. I mentioned I’d gotten my car back from the body shop, having smashed it a week before. I commented that I had enjoyed slowing down and doing some walking around through my neighborhood while my car was in the shop.. His blue eyes beamed, and he told me how great it was that I could find the silver lining. He said maybe he should work on that himself. I told him I have plenty of stories of tough times that turned out to be really wonderful. I mention bed bugs, he thought I’d said I’d been mugged. Hah.

It got me thinking about how we get to that place. The place where we can take a step back see the chaos or discomfort or tragedy around us, and accept it for what it is. We can find joy there, or at least a semblance of happiness. When we can acknowledge that we will make it through whatever the challenge that’s been presented, and enjoy the challenge. Laugh at it, even. 

Watching your house burn down, looking the other direction, and finding some sort of silver lining is not what I’m talking about. Non-acknowledgement does not promote growth. Really digging in to the challenges life throws you, and being able to take some pause, taking time that has been offered to peel back some layers is the gift. You may never have an answer to why, but it could point you in a direction that makes your life more rich. You experience growth, that’s the silver lining, however it manifests.

It’s okay to grieve, to be angry, to be frustrated, to feel. It’s okay to be a hot fucking mess, to be devastated, to be lost. Sometimes walking helps, sometimes sitting in silence. Drinking excessively does not. Chewing does. Slower movement and stillness. Slowing down and focusing on nothing else but the breath can help. Bringing ourselves into awareness is the only thing I know to do during challenging times. You can get there a number of ways. Some make it easier and more enjoyable. Letting go is key. Embrace the fact your world is fucked.

Acknowledge it. Breathe into the discomfort. Discomfort and agitation are places where changes are made. Let it go. Trust the process. Take care of yourself.

Raven Magic

This raven stopped by yesterday while it was drizzling rain. I heard him first and had to find out what creature was making the croaking sound. It's funny how the mind works. Oh, that's big, is it a hawk? No, it's black. Is it a crow? A raven? Quoth the Raven, Nevermore. So of course I also had to go back and read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

After it flew off I noticed it was flying with another ginormous black bird. Turns out the way you can tell the difference between a crow and a raven is the sound they make, the tail feathers, and ravens fly in pairs. 

Anytime I witness some sort of seemingly random experience with an animal, I check out the symbolism related to the animal. Raven is about travel inward to the darkness. I love it. Shape shifting time bender, facilitating transition and transformation, Raven is a wonderful totem. All this time I just associated it with a man's descent into madness over his loss of Lenore. 

How thankful I am to add to that the energy: changing consciousness, honoring ancestors, mysticism, rebirth and renewal, creation, healing, courage, and introspection. I suppose a person would go mad if she never looked inward, into the shadow.