National Cat Day

Oliver thought every day is National Cat Day.


In this house, every day is National Cat Day.

Sweet snuggler

Sweet snuggler

He’s going to be really disappointed tomorrow morning because I forgot to pick up some more wet food for him. He loves his morning ritual. He has a little breakfast. Then heads outside. This time of year he doesn’t stay out long. He comes right back inside and gets back in bed. What a great life he has.



Today at YTT we worked on planning sequences. Our homework from last week was to come up with a 9-pose sequence, 20 minutes long. I put mine together focusing on the chakras. I brought along my tibetan tingsha. We worked in groups with one person teaching, one person practicing, and one person observing. It worked out really well. It was so great to give and receive feedback. Then an awesome person, Meg, came in and talked to us about planning sequences based on season, themes, and peak poses. I feel like I'm learning so much, and that I'm going to be well prepared to give people an awesome experience with yoga and meditation. 

On top of all that wonderfulness, I feel so grateful for all the family and friends I have in Salt Lake. I spend so many hours each week surrounded by amazing wonderful people. My coworkers, friends, and family are such a big part of my life.