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juicy adventures

My juicer has found a new home in my cousin's kitchen. We have made three different kinds so far. We started with this one:

a beet, a bunch of celery, one cucumber, five carrots from the garden, one lemon and an inch of ginger. It was ok--more lemon and ginger may have helped.

Next we did a detox green juice recipe New Years Day morning.  We both loved it and would make it again.

one bunch of celery, five kale leaves, one green apple, one big handful of flat parsley from the garden, one lime, one lemon, and an inch of ginger.

After we finished that, I juiced 4 white grapefruits because white grapefruit makes me happy big time. I love having it around, and I love that it's in season this time of year. I've enjoyed drinking a short glass of it the last couple of days. I can't remember how much it costs at the grocery store for a quart of fresh squeezed, but it was 4.59 lbs of grapefruit @ $1.49/lb. Over $6, but the yield was more than 32oz. (Probably 40oz?) Not bad. 

A friend gave me a little journal long ago that I've turned into a juice recipe book. Some of them I've found online to try and evaluate, but I've left most of it blank for coming concoctions to be recorded and evaluated.